A River Lily

Lily is a writer/editor by day, and also by night. Having decided that the world needs more voices that actually contribute coherent, semi-valuable ideas rather than shouting into the ether in all caps, she decided to finally move her internal dialogue onto the internet. Her academic pursuits include pop culture, fantasy and fantasy literature, diversity and minority studies (particularly of the U.S. and southeast Asia), art and design, and other fluff. Her fun pursuits are pretty much the same thing, with a side of fashion and skincare. Occasionally, she puts on her photographer and illustrator/artist hats before sheet-masking into the sunset.

She grew up in both Hawai‘i and southeast Asia, and currently resides in Hawai‘i.

What the heck does “A River Lily” mean?

Two main things: My middle name translates to “river,” and my name is Lily, clearly. I grew up obsessed with anything symbolic of water and anything blue, like being a Ravenclaw or an Aquarius—though I don’t set much store in astrology today—and excessively study of the symbolism of water and blue across various contexts over the years. Water is a fascinating, ubiquitous thing. It carries us toward and away our destinations; we can follow or fight its flow; we can control it, or be controlled; we can float or sink; and water can mean life or death, or both. It can be pure, and yet easily sullied. A river is an amazing manifestation of water’s power. Especially when the thirst is real

But if you really must know why I decided to settle on this name, here’s the truth. It’s a pun on some hilarious dialogue from a novella (and my all-time favorite Japanese movie), Kamikaze Girls.

I must also note something important: I don’t claim to be an official expert or authority on either skincare or fashion. I will always be as clear as possible about all of my sources of information. Just like in any topic or field, everything is always open to new information or discoveries challenging previous information. I am always open to fair discussion. Everything on A River Lily is a candid presentation of my experiences and the opinions I draw from them. Like a well-meaning human bean being, I’m on that same journey to become a better informed and educated consumer.

Feel free to check out my complete blogging policies.

Finally: You’re always welcome to contact me!

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