Japanese Shampoo Brush + 3 Easy-Peasy Hair-Washing Tips

Don’t tell anyone, but I need to take a break from reviewing sheet masks. Oh dear. I’m still using them 2-3 times a week and blabbing about them on the Instagrams; that’s pretty much forever a thing. But lately, I’ve been complaining more about how long and annoying my hair is now compared to my old hair … More Japanese Shampoo Brush + 3 Easy-Peasy Hair-Washing Tips

Skincare Routine Update: 2015~2016 Winter

I absolutely love colder seasons. Yep, even in Hawai‘i. ESPECIALLY in Hawai‘i. They mean the end of sweltering, dripping, hellishly humid heat, the beginning of sweaters and coats (because 75 degrees is chilly for us, apparently), and the onset of some serious holiday sales. It means I can finally shop for clothes that aren’t in eye-watering neon … More Skincare Routine Update: 2015~2016 Winter