Skincare Routine Update: Summer 2017

The sun is up, the sky is blue…it’s about that time to update you all with my skincare routine. We are smack-dab in the middle of summer, although I hear the school year is a-comin’ for the kiddos. I’m honestly still not sure how seasons work since Hawai’i has two seasons, maybe three (hot and hotter, sometimes rainy), so the title is truly just an approximation. Anyway, you’re probably sick of me saying that in every post!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Reminder: Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV). My skincare routine is not a cut-and-dry guide. The beauty of an east-Asian-inspired skincare routine is its adaptability to individual circumstances: to your skin type, to the weather and seasons, and simply to the daily moods of your skin. The number of products and steps my skin needs will be different from yours. Even AM and PM skincare routine steps can vary daily. For instance, if my skin is feeling dry that day (or if I’m just tired and want to knock out ASAP), I will skip my “actives” A.K.A. chemical exfoliants. Or, I will skip a moisturizer if it seems like my face will only be melted off by the humidity. And other fun obstacles!

This post contains some affiliate links. I will never link to sites that I wouldn’t personally use. Learn more and view my full policies here.

Skin Type, Concerns, and Climate

  • Combo
  • Occasional clogged pores, acne (mostly hormonal)
  • Sebacious filaments (SFs)
  • Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)
  • Tropical climate; breezy but hot and humid, especially in the summer!

Daily AM Routine

I keep this as minimal as possible. Not only does my skin feel suffocated in the summers if I use too many layers, but I also cannot be bothered to wake up any earlier than I do to even use any more. My time is valuable, okay?!

  1. Cleanser: Rinse with cool water only
  2. Hydrating toner: That 1-liter bottle of hydrating toner I got a year ago… I’m about 9/10ths through the thing! (Instagram photo)
  3. Sunscreen: Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel Super SPF 50 PA+++ (Amazon)

asian beauty korean japanese skincare routine spring summer 2017 season seasonal, sum37 skin saver cleansing balm tosowoong enzyme powder wash nivea super sun protect water gel cosrx bha blackhead power liquid mizon aha 8 peeling serum

Oh, nothing, not showing off my new tillandsia xerographica. Not at all.

Daily PM Routine

I have a happy amount of Cosrx in my routine right now I’ve linked some of the easily accessible and/or affordable sites to buy from; as I mentioned earlier, some are affiliate links which support this blog.

  1. Cleansing balm: SU:M37 Skin Saver Melting Cleansing Balm (Amazon, Koreadepart)
  2. Second cleanser: Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash (Amazon, Jolse, TesterKorea)
  3. Hydrating toner: Dear by Enprani Moistfull Booskin (AmazonTesterKorea, RoseRoseShop)
  4. Chem. exfoliator (AHA): Mizon AHA 8% Peeling Serum (Amazon, TesterKorea, RoseRoseShop)
  5. Chem. exfoliator (BHA): Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid (Amazon, Wishtrend, Jolse, RoseRoseShop)
  6. Essence: Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence (Amazon, WishtrendJolse, TesterKorea)
  7. Eye cream: SainTFengel Anti-Dark Circles Brightening Eye Cream (YesStyle)
  8. Medium moisturizer: Cosrx Advanced Snail 92 All-in-One Cream (Amazon, Wishtrend, Jolse, TesterKorea)
  9. Acne patches: Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch (Amazon, Wishtrend, Jolse, TesterKorea, RoseRoseShop)
asian beauty korean japanese skincare makeup routine klairs concealer mochi bb DHC eyelash serum heroine make long and curl mascara

Makeup Staples

  1. Concealer: Klairs Creamy & Natural Fit Concealer (Wishtrend)
    This is still one of my favorite concealers, aside from some of NARS’s. It’s truly creamy with just-right coverage, matte, and perfect for my slightly-oily skin type.
  2. Eyelash Serum: DHC Eyelash Serum (Amazon)
    My eyelashes used to fall out almost every time I remove my Heroine Make mascara, which basically needs a jackhammer to remove. After using this serum every other day or so, my eyelashes stay firmly in my eyelids, not to mention appear slightly more lush and healthy even if I don’t use mascara afterward. Aww yeah.
  3. Mascara: Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara, black (Amazon)

asian beauty korean japanese skincare routine spring summer 2017 season seasonal


  1. Favorite/testing sheet masks, 1-3x weekly:
  2. Lip scrubIQ Natural Pina Colada Lip Scrub, reviewed here (
  3. Wash-off mask, 1-2x weekly: SainTFengel Essence Warming Gel Masque and Galaxy Warming Gel Masque (Essence Warming Gel Masque on
  4. Epilator (Amazon; eBay also has many options)

 Past Skincare Routine Updates

How have you adapted to the summer? (Or winter?) What will you be adding to or reducing from your routine soon? ☺

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