The Beauty Blogger Award: Me, Myself, and Awkward Answers

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This fun little tag has really been making the rounds around our wonderful beauty blogger community. And I’ve just been nominated by Lilian at White Black Blank Spaces! Woohoo! Here goes nothin’:

1. Ideal vacation place, if you were given an unlimited budget?

This is a tough one, seriously. I love traveling. But I don’t want to cheat and give a top three. Ahh! My first choice would be Japan and Okinawa. In particular, I’ve always wanted to visit Kyoto and Harajuku.

2. The current song(s) you like to wake up to in the mornings?

Do you guys watch Natalie Tran (communitychannel on Youtube)? She has a segment at the end of almost every video called “Porno Music/Comment Time” where she shows some entertaining user comments on her previous video.

Yeah, that “Porno Music” is my alarm tone. Seriously, it’s so soothing and calming, yet oddly refreshing.

Yeah, I’m so cool. ʅ(⑅*´◡`)ʃ

3. Hair up or hair down?

Honestly, neither. I just want my short hair back! I had pixie-ish haircuts for about six years until 2015. Currently rocking the short-blunt-bangs-and-bun look, but it’s the only hairstyle with this haircut that I’m not annoyed with. And summer is coming! Ahh!

4. Favorite all-time lip color – red, coral, fuschia, etc. – why?

I’m more of a Dead Plum type of gal, to be honest. Although yesterday, my lip-color-obsessed friend said she really liked how her Clinique’s Chubby Stick in Broadest Berry looked on me, and tried to give it to me.

5. The last movie that made you cry.

I don’t really cry or show much emotion during movies. Dunno, I tend to bottle it so I can force myself to immerse in the emotions more. But the last movie that actually made me spill tears was several years ago, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2008). There’s just something about the innocence, curiosity, and potential of children that kills me.

6. Which celebrity is your beauty obsession right now, and you which you could pull off her makeup look?

That’s a tough one! I don’t really follow celebrities and trends too closely. (I’m really giving y’all the most engaging answers right now, huh?) I have Carey Mulligan and Lily Collins on my looks board on Pinterest, but for their hair. Do they count? Okay, okay, fine. I’ll answer with the eternal Fan Bingbing for now! Makeup or none, she’s wonderful.

7. What is your personal motto that is inspiring you right now?

Hmm. The first that comes to mind has actually been the same for years now from a novel that, oddly, shaped my adolescence:

“We must never, ever be boring.”
–Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

8. What was the best part of your week? The worst?

This past week, the best part was getting a little feature on Wishtrend’s social media and even Klairs’ Facebook page for my previous post! It feels great to be heard for even five minutes out in that wild, wild world.

In mildly related news, I’m also compelled to shout out fanserviced-b’s recent post, which is both a Son and Park product review and a wonderfully thoughtful read on honesty in beauty blogging, especially regarding disclaimers and products received for review.

The worst part isn’t too bad; just lots of deadlines to meet at work. I’m relatively new in this position, so I’m getting the hang of things and learning new skills. Really, this “worst” should turn out to be a hidden positive for me.

9. Describe your signature makeup look in three words.

Subtle. Practical. Double-take-able. (That’s a word now.)

10. If you had to choose one makeup item you currently have and ditch all the others forever, which item would you keep?

Eyeliner. Specifically at the moment, my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper. Seriously, I’ve used this thing all of one month and it’s done all kinds of magic, no matter how much or little I use. This would make a great calligraphy pen, too.

I started using makeup in the eyeliner aisle (heh), and if there was only one thing I had time for in the morning, I will always choose eyeliner. The eyes are the liveliest part of your face, and eyeliner is the best way to go out and see the world.

The rules to this “award” are simple:

  • Thank and link to the person who nominated you
  • Answer their new set of 10 questions
  • Keep the ball rolling with your own beauty blogger nominations and 10 new questions!

I nominate KellyHeart, adoredee, The Acid Queen, Beauty and the Cat, Wantastic Beauty, and honestly, anyone else who wants to participate. ☺ I would love to hear your thoughts!

My ten new questions for you:

  1. How did you first get into beauty blogging?
  2. What’s your next repurchase?
  3. Current favorite/most recommended show?
  4. Of what “beauty sin(s)” are you guilty?
  5. What 2015 beauty, skincare, and/or fashion trend do you hope will stick around this year? Will you stick with it regardless?
  6. What’s your 2016 beauty resolution/goal?
  7. What is your biggest pet peeve (in beauty or in general)?
  8. Most overrated product in your experience?
  9. Which topic(s) do you wish the beauty community would discuss more often, or more in-depth?
  10. Would you rather fight 100 snail-sized donkeys, or one donkey-sized snail?

Have fun!

4 thoughts on “The Beauty Blogger Award: Me, Myself, and Awkward Answers

  1. Woohoo! Thanks for the nom, Lily. I’ll be frank and say we’re too lazy to do the tags. But I *love* your brows (so Lily Collins) and secretly wish I were double-take-able but actually aim to blend into my surroundings. To answer one of the Qs, we started blogging for the heck of it. Renee and I texted endlessly with beauty talk, cat photos, and puns and basically transferred that into a blog. Yet we still text endlessly about beauty and cats. Hm. –Angela

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww shucks! That’s what I like most about your blog; it’s basically a condensed version of conversations between beauty (and cat) enthusiasts. Which makes it that much more fun to read! Keep it up, you two! =^.^=

      Liked by 1 person

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