Meow IRL: Let’s connect on social media!

Yikes! I have so many post drafts waiting to be edited and to have photos slapped onto them, it’s not even funny. My new job has also kept me pretty busy and mentally tired. On days that I’m not posting here, though, I’d still love to keep in touch with y’all kinda IRL (in real life)!


My Facebook page is relatively new! Now, it’s easier to share thoughts if you don’t feel like using a WordPress account or email.

Instagram: @leialily

On my Instagram, anything goes. My first loves there are photography and art. And of course, I’ll share anything skincare-related, short, and sweet that doesn’t need an entire blog post.

Sometimes, Hawai'i can have nice things. Sometimes. #Hawaii #Makapuu #Maks #Haws #what

A photo posted by Lily (@leialily) on

Social media is such an amazing tool when used mindfully. It’s a great way for us all to keep in touch, discover new things together, ask each other questions, and share my fellow bloggers’ posts and giveaways. Not to mention it’s a great way to gauge interest in my own giveaway sometime in the new year… nudge nudge wink wink

Let’s connect! What’s your social media platform of choice?

2 thoughts on “Meow IRL: Let’s connect on social media!

  1. Ahaha. I feel you. Slapping photos onto draft posts are a pain for me cos they all have to go through the edit process first.

    Definitely IG is my fav. Love having visual memories of things and experiences. Mine is mostly a food haven haha.

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