‘Tis the Season! Online Shopping Reminder: AmazonSmile

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Have you started your gift shopping yet? Hopped on those holiday sales? Put together an Asian skincare package for everyone in your family including your dog? Just a friendly reminder for my fellow U.S.-based online shoppers this consumerism-heavy season: There is a more charitable alternative for all of your online shopping needs.

Use AmazonSmile (smile.amazon.com) instead of simply Amazon.com as you do your online gift shopping. And keep using it year-round! Through AmazonSmile, a charity of your choice will receive a percentage of your eligible purchase price. Granted, it’s only 0.5% of your purchase, but every little amount adds up especially as more of us make larger purchases. ‘Tis truly the gift that keeps on giving.

To use this handy tool, simply go on smile.amazon.com. On your first visit, you’ll be prompted to select a charity. The site will remember your selection the next time you go on, but you can change your charity at any time. Some participating organizations include the O‘ahu SPCA (my personal choice!), Hawaiian Humane Society, American Red Cross, and the Wounded Warrior Project. You can search for a something in your area or state, or simply select any nationwide organization. According to Amazon, there are nearly one million eligible 501(c)(3) public charitable organizations. Learn more about AmazonSmile here.

There are also some browser extensions that ensure you are always redirected to AmazonSmile whenever you go on Amazon. I know I had a problem typing in the correct URL at first. Here are some options:

No affiliate or sponsored links here. I know that many of y’all, like me, enjoy shopping online especially for things that are difficult to find in person. I just ask that you share this info with your friends and family.

Happy gifting!


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