River-iew: Skinfood Hair Magic Pad Review

So simple. So cute. Much star. Very cloud. The Skinfood Hair Magic Pad is a Velcro-style hairclip alternative. The concept is not unique to Skinfood’s item, but I was so amused by it for some reason that I simply had to have it.

Skinfood Magic Hair Pad
They come in two packs: Heart and Lips, or Star and Cloud. (Sunglasses not included.)

I saw this as an interesting alternative to hairbands. I know the Etude House Etti Hair Band (cat ears!) is popular and absolutely adorable, but I’m not really into headbands because they usually get in the way of my glasses. I first saw this type of “hair pad” in Jen’s (@frmheadtotoe) makeup tutorials. Similarly, I wanted something to keep my bangs out of my face during my skincare routines. I mean, you could also use this as an accessory when you go out if you so wish. Whatever floats your boat.

The Evidence


First, let me make something clear: My expectations are low here. I know it’s a cheap item. That being said, they worked excellently for me and my purposes. I used to use bobby pins, which can sometimes rip your hair out no matter how careful you are. Ouch. Or maybe I’m just bobby pinning wrong. These hair pads, on the other hand, are best described as a Velcro for your hair, but the little clingy “hairs” on these are more sparse than actual Velcro. Therefore, they are much gentler than bobby pins and clips. Hair pads catch and hold your hair just enough without making creases or cowlicks in your locks, imprisoning and ripping out strands, or otherwise causing adverse effects to your fancy follicles. (Note that your hair will likely still get stuck standing a certain way if it’s wet while using the hair pad.)

Skinfood Hair Magic Pad - cloud
I usually use the Cloud one for wider coverage.
Skinfood Hair Magic Pad - star
It sticks!
(Please excuse my horrible forehead.)

I do have to say the Skinfood Hair Magic Pad is pretty thin for any other purpose than holding back your fringe/bangs. If you have thick hair, this particular hair pad may not work too well. There are some sturdier alternatives; perhaps check out the bow-shaped one on PrettyandCute, which @frmheadtotoe used. Amazon also has other options.


So cheap. I got this on TesterKorea for ₩1,000/~US$0.86 a pack as part of my first haul there. You can also find this on RoseRoseShop and Qoo10, among other online stores. Amazon Marketplace has similar items for under $2, like this one. I wouldn’t pay more than maybe $4 for this neat little gadget.

Skinfood Hair Magic Pad
¿Por que no los dos?

The Verdict

I want to reiterate: Expectations are low, but adorability is high. Skinfood Hair Magic Pads are a bit flimsy, yet affordable and slightly amusing. And I ended up really liking them! They’re simple and useful. They’re especially great if you’re like me and not really into hairbands, and even better if you want to temporarily hold your fringe back without messing up your hairstyle or creating lovely cowlicks during your AM or PM routines. However, I recommend finding a sturdier hair pad if you have thick hair.

Also, come on. For about $2 or less, you get these superbly cute things you can just stick onto your hair. Or your cat (although I do not recommend that). Totes muh-gotes.

Overall Rating: 3.75 / 5

Rating system:
5 / 5: HOLY GRAIL STATUS. I dare you to pry this from my cold, dead, kpop-glowy hands.
4 / 5: I really liked this! Would repurchase until I find a better alternative.
3 / 5: So-so. Unimpressive results, but may work better for others with different conditions.
2 / 5: Would not repurchase. Possibly caused some issues for me, but may work for others.
1 / 5: This lied to me. It did nothing that it said it would, and caused some issues.
0 / 5: Do not buy this. No one should have to suffer the way I did.

What quirky tools do you use during your important skincare/makeup routines? Do you have any impulse-buys or novelty items that turned out to be great?

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